Praise for Ambers Work

“I have had the good fortune of crossing paths with Amber and she offered to take me on as a client recently. Amber asks the kind of questions that cause you to think deeper and harder, without giving you the answers—she leads you in the right direction. She is also a kind but firm guide in assisting me to push past excuses and doubts. “

Karen Sieczka

“Amber is a great listener that allows you to discuss challenges that arise in your life personally and/or professionally. Through conversation, she opens your mind to the solution and outcome’s you are focused on..”

Jeff Coady

“Coaching is an important profession and when people do it right, they can be of tremendous help. I had the opportunity to work with Amber and I found her to be knowledgeable, compassionate, goal directed and supportive. I would highly recommend her to anyone..”

Marlene J. Waldock

“Amber uses her intuition and knowledge to ask excellent inquiring questions that help me move forward in my personal and professional life. She challenges me to really dig deep and make progress in my goals. Amber encourages me to trust myself and be myself.“

Rhonnye Morton

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amber! She is very proficient and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate Amber for the way she has perfected her craft to meet the needs of all of her clients. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.”

Andrea L. Griggs

“Amber is an asset to the coaching community and will make a positive impact with their clients. Her strengths are being able to establish a trusting relationship with her clients and having the courage to challenge them go after the things they say they want in their personal and professional life.”

Susan Klein

Master Certified Coach